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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2014 Outstanding Art Prize of school of fine arts
The Origin of Relations: Complacency of the local
2014-03-07 ~ 2014-05-04
Venue: 2F 3F Gallery

 Outstanding Art Prize of school of fine arts was established since 2003. The goal of the competition is to enhancing positive dialogue among the students of the fine art school in Taiwan National University of Arts. After the efforts of ten years, the prize itself has become as a proxy to represent the merits of education in fine art. In addition, it subtly conveys our young artists’ ambition and their vivid admire for future. In 2013, it is honor to announce that SHEN SI-TANLin Dai-hsuanHsu-Meng-YuCHENG-TAO CHENPIN HUA CHENYen Yu TingWei-Lung Lin  were nominated for the 10th Outstanding Art Prize, School of Fine Arts.


 The Origin of Relations: Complacency of the local, the title of the exhibition, is referred from the idea of the relationship between the exhibited art works and the local. At first glance, these art works are looked like under an unrelated state to others. However, in fact, there are numerous obscure similarities among them. On the other hand, we found that the most of nominated works are belong to the category of visual art. Besides, in these works, the artists’ statements all express their ambitions to disclose an exhausted physical by simple figures, an image element by seamless presentation, an artificial space by a specific fictional method, and an interpretation of motivation by an allegorical idea. After all, these artists’ works are seem that they questioned the original roles of making visual art via their fruitless labor with complacency.