Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
As Dream, As Illusion-Ho Ming-Kuei 2014 Solo Exhibition
2014-07-18 ~ 2014-09-14
 We live in delusions, but also constantly construct illusions.


My work revolves around the subject of “recreating spaces,” with realistic models and props, photographed at particular angles to represent an imaginative space of the illusory. For example: the written descriptions others may have of a specific space and time, a peculiar scene in a novel, and a friend’s vivid account of a UFO sighting, or an episode from my own memory and unusual dreams.


These subjects are elusive: They inhabit a real narrative, but are flawed in their presentation of details, and so through my imagination and recreation, they are bestowed another bizarre appearance—a feeling that is at once familiar, but also alien.


In this solo exhibition, I originate from “as illusion, as dream” in recreating dreamlike, illusive scenes from myself and others. These works have been inspired by my own failed romance, from an expedition that we took together (Summer In CA, 2009), an imagining of the pearl mountains under the sea from “Urashima Tarō” in Otogizōshi by Dazai Osamu (Pearl Mountain), surreal dreamscapes recorded in my “book of dreams” as a tribute to Natsume Sōseki (Dreams of Ten Nights), a wise friend who revealed to me in an interview that she has been planning her next life and a blueprint that I have painted and embroidered for her (My Next Life Planning I, II), and a friend’s account of a UFO sighting (I saw a UFO). These strange and lucid descriptions tell a story in another space and time through my renditions.