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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
"Maintaining _ Body" Movement Topology & Tracks in the City
2015-03-06 ~ 2015-05-03
 Exhibition focuses on ‘person - routes - urban spaces’ which about variety of human living tracks in the city, and the body perception under topological meaning creation. The theme "Maintaining _ Body" is thinking about that people in the city, its construction and facilities which ‘sustain’ the proper functioning of the continuation of life and living, but the process of the modern city is more focused on ‘maintain’ norms established and normal rules: because of people need faster and more convenient and comfortable to move around, the choroid of vascular as a model to develop the highway; Or construction a park to beautify the city in the name of ‘pulmonary of city’ to exclude the heterogeneous space, etc. In the human body structure as the imagination of urban planning and construction, so that people gradually change behavior patterns, to individualistic style of a modern city appearance, in this process, indifference and difference, the center and the border was gradually expanded, thus now forming between ‘personal vs. groups’ and ‘urban space vs. social context’ have heterogeneity contradictory relationship changes.

The project first through Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (Taiwan) and Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) (France) cross-border cooperation, five dancers in the city which is different from regular performances, meanwhile artists to participate in and observe and record dancers maintained under certain rules and repeating a single limits' body, and the process of they focus on the city, or be noticed / be watched by others, and they walk on fixed routes and graph curve shape on the map, and their physiological state and behavior trajectory extended context for urban pipeline running thinking. The exhibition works combine photography, audiovisual art, installations, performances, as the practical results of the curatorial project presented different areas of creation and dialogue.

*Live performances on every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm by Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (performers: Wen-jinn Luo, Yi-fan Lin)

Organizer:The National Culture and Arts Foundation, KdMoFA @ Taipei National University of Arts “Curators’ Incubator Program at Museum”

Advisor:Ministry of Education

Co-organizer:Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company