Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2017-07-01 ~ 2017-07-09
  •  WSD2017 Exhibition

WSD Exhibition is an exhibition of international performance design, from the world of opera, theatre and dance as well as public performances and performance art installations from non-theatre spaces. An international panel of Judges selected the 180 designs from more than 600 submissions across 52 countries, and finalist exhibit their design in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts of TNUA.


  • Teatime with Me, Myself and I

Directed by World Stage Design award winner CHOU Tung-Yen, this new media work captures the everyday scenes of modern society: making coffee, taking selfies, or using mobile phones, and creates real-time images and music on stage. Through the eyes of our smart phones and tablets, the intimate yet distant relations between us were revealed.

Since making its debut in Taipei, Taiwan, Teatime with Me, Myself and I has traveled to Denmark, France, South Korea and China, engaging local performers in developing dance and installation versions of the show.

This production was brought to you by a collaboration of artists from different parts of the world, including Taiwanese performers LIANG Inred, HUNG Chien-Tsang, Korean choreographer KIM Ju-Bin, Japanese director and choreographer Nao YOSHIGAI. There will be also extra Taiwan performers and students of Taipei National University of the Arts. Please feel free to drop in this self-reflective conversation with our intimate friend.


  • ­Innovative Costume of the 20 and 21 Centuries

This exhibition will showcase the work of the designers represented at the latest exhibitions in the Bakhrushin ­Theatre museum in Moscow. Selected works from the

exhibition, "Breakthrough" dedicated to the Russian ­Theatre Avant-Garde of the beginning of the 20 century, selected works from the exhibition "Costume At ­e Turn of the Century 1990-2015" and samples of the submitted designs for the upcoming in 2019 project "Innovative Costume of the 21st Century-­e Next Generation".


More info about WSD>>http://www.wsd2017.com/