Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Things Wholesale – Solo Exhibition of James Ming-Hsueh LEE
2017-07-21 ~ 2017-09-24
The exhibition is titled ‘Things Wholesale’ as it refers to the current era in which massive information and redundant choices pervade. It not only re-examines the excessive things/events around us, intends to make dialogues with art contexts, but also finds particular interventions and alternative perspectives. By deconstructing and reinterpreting the conventional meaning, it casts new lights on both everyday textual understanding and common visual experience, evoking new imaginations for the two, which converse in the aesthetic level.

In daily consumption fields, hypermarkets categorize various desires for consumers to purchase more conveniently. With this in mind, the show intends to investigate the possible meanings in contemporary art contexts through surveying visual symbol experiences, social values and language habits in relation to the merchandise. The work theme continually focuses on transforming ‘ordinary’ objects in everyday life, such as ‘tape’, ‘Post-it’, ‘clean supplies’, ‘M&M chocolate’, ‘coin’, ‘letter’, ‘square paper’, ‘draft paper’, etc., in terms of their size, site or function.

Understanding objects by means of personal sense of humor, it rethinks those merchandises in the rigidified system of meaning, suggesting different values and significances with hilarious yet wistfully designed misinterpretations. Thus, as the artistic new meaning mingles, transforms, juxtaposes and interacts with the conventional meaning, it creates alternative understanding of the dogmatic world. In other words, it frees the surface understanding and the established experience of objects and goods, producing an unconventional significance in terms of aesthetic perspective.

All in all, ‘Things Wholesale’ intends to rethink the shifting meanings and dialogues among desires, needs and daily objects in relation to consumption, economics, culture and personal experience. It suggests a complicated context of reality and paradoxical truth, which reflects human contradictions and struggles to face society, its merchandise and values.