Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Mimetic Animat
2017-10-31 ~ 2017-11-05
Date:2017年10月31日 (Tue.) 
Venue: SPACE 1 1/2, KdMoFA
To study the wonderful changes in Life, the exploration of life mechanisms hidden behind biological
operations sometimes uses either artificial methods based on the simulation of virtual computer
worlds or relies on the construction of mechanical and biomimetic physical entities. This stream of
research led to the creation of a new discipline called "Artificial Life". Inspired by researches on
Artificial Life, student-artists of University Paris 8 created Automated Animals, also called Animats,
by assembling electronic components that perform motor functions or enable communication
mechanisms. The exhibition “Mimetic Animat” presents 3 of these animats: The Living Limulustone,
looking like a living fossil horseshoe crab, that wags, swags and crawls while singing; an Artificial
Butterfly with flapping wings; and a pair of Love Animats playfully chasing themselves in an endless
love dance.
Within Nature, the behavior of marine, terrestrial or flying animals comes from an environmental
adaptation resulting from Evolution, drifting them to give rise to different species; however, the
morphology of each species limits, in return, the ability of their mechanical movements. The
original design of these mimetic animats comes from the importance given to observation and
creation in research & development, around the relations between the morphological forms and
their motor and communication functions.