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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
RECALLING-H. N. Han Solo Exhibition
2017-02-24 ~ 2017-04-16


Text | Chen Hsiang-Wen

H. N. Han is finally returning to Taiwan after some years away to present a solo exhibition, RECALLING, at Master Piece Room, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA. Han showing early signs of true talent, his abstract work was already selected for the Sao Paulo Art Biennial in 1961. In 1966, he created the video work, Running, which was edited in 2010 into a 11-minute long video consisting of the painter Hsi De-Chin wearing a striped shirt running continuously in the morning around the Renai Roundabout in Taipei. As cars begin to show up on the originally empty street, He is then blended into a flock of scooters, disappearing before the lens. Creating abstract paintings, realism photography, video art, and even rubbing paintings combined with performance art, Han is never bounded by the medium. On view at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts this time are SOHO New York, 2016; People of Chongqing, 1986; various series of Self Portrait; and the series of Travelers. The artworks not only shows Han’s attempts to work with different media but also showcase his endeavor to use art to recount to the public the trajectory of his movements in the past fifty years.

Han moved to New York in 1967 to pursue a career in art, and he created a second creative base in Dali, China in 2000. He has recently returned to Taiwan to prepare for the shaping of his third studio. He divides his time living in different cities each year, and RECALLING - H. N. Han Solo Exhibition shows the accumulation and compilation of the artist’s creative journey and the different horizons he has gained from living in different areas. At the same time, the solo exhibition is also engaged in by the artist based on his own creative context, with each series also a review of the trajectory of the artist’ living spaces. Han is continuing with the context of his painting this time, using extremely faint colors of white and gray to depict several photographs that hold great significance for him. Han is regarded in China as a “living history of contemporary art”, and through illustrating his past memories, he also continues to engage in a dialogue with Taiwan.

His Travelers series originated in the 1990s from a collection of rubbings Han created in Soho, New York. He began by taking photographs to replace sketches, but later felt the approah was insufficient. He then used a roller, ink, and paper to transfer the textures on the roads he walked on each day by rubbing. From 1999, he began to incorpoarte impressions from the famous painting by Fan Kuan (ca. 950-ca. 1031) from the Northern Song period, Travelers among Mountains and Streams, in his artworks, and he cotinued to rub and transfer different features of urban deveopment he saw in China when he moved to Dali, China in 2000, This time in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Han’s Travelers Among Washington, D.C. and Sanxia, Taipei is placed on display in the center of gallery, with the artist’s boundless creative energy demonstrated.