Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Sense and Sensibility – Works by Korean Women Artists
2017-02-24 ~ 2017-04-16
Curators|Kim Yong-Sik, Wang Li-Ya

Artists|Bang In-Hee, Choi Na-Ri, Choi Youn-Joung, Han Ji-Min, Jang Su-Im, Jung Eun-A, Jung Woo-Ri, Kim Hyo, Kim Yi-Su, Ko Eun-Gyeong, Lee Choon-Ok, Lee Gang-Yoo, Lim Hyun-Jin, Lim Jeoung-Eun, Yi Hyun-Joo



Sense and Sensibility is an exhibition that features 15 Korean women artists of different generations. This exhibition presents to the viewer an insight into the art scene of Korean contemporary women artists and their artistic expressions. It shows both the logical and emotional sides of the artist when they interpret the era of which each artist belongs to.

After Korea liberated itself from Japan, the Korean War followed, which divided the country into two nations. Due to such a painful history, Korea went through a rapid and chaotic development from mid 1950s to the 1990s. Korean art consequently developed in a short period of time. By viewing the works of these 15 artists, one can understand the changes and the development of Korean art throughout the transitional years. In presenting their artworks, this exhibition is endeavoring to present insights into Korean contemporary women artists and their artistic expressions through different generations.

The participating artists are born in the years between the 1950s and the 1980s. Although they do not share the same artistic backgrounds and major, they are all elites who studied their master or doctoral degree in painting or printmaking at Sung Shin Women’s University. They are also artists who are actively participating in local and international contemporary art scene, pushing through boundaries and going back and forth different genres in order to seek for new expression and ideas in art. In the works of all artists lies a sense of contemplation in which restrained beauty of well-balanced reason and emotion is shown.

Some may think that emotion takes priority over logic in artistic expression. However, emotion is shown in relation with logic. In an artwork, the psychological world of an artist is presented, which reflects both logic and emotion about the artist’s situation he or she belongs to. Therefore, this exhibition tries to show the viewers observe the “logic and emotion” of the artists in the time of Korea’s compressed modernization process. It is also aims to present to the viewers an understanding of Korean contemporary art scene and how women artists lead their roles in the time where women power is highly appreciated.