Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2017 Outstanding Art Prize Exhibition– Division of Reality
2017-02-24 ~ 2017-04-16

Curator|Wei-Lun Chen

Co-curator|Jie-Huai Yang

Artists|Wang Yu-Ching、Lin Kuan-Yen、Hew Wai-Yang、Yau Sir-Meng、Ni Jui-Hung、Chang Yu-Cheng、Yang Randy & Peng Si-Qi、Tsai Tsung-Hsun、Tsai Meng-Ru & Chan Yuan-An、Chien Yun-Chu & Liang Huai-Chih、Hsieh Hua-Yueh、Jhou Yu、Tsai Fang



As in realistic scenes, without any definite sign of orientation, we seem to be difficult to recognize the characteristics and details of the place we live. Through the recognizable objective as the method we could divide reality logically into several scenes, and make sure the position of ourselves and the relation between the subject and the object. Artists noticed the problems surrounding us and used different ways to exchange the reality into objects— such as painting, video, installation, performance and technology, art forms— by which we could see and rethink the nature of living.                                 

The Outstanding Art Prize Exhibition includes thirteen artists' artworks from School of Fine Art and Department of New Media. Instead of choosing works from one discourse, the prize of selection is based on each context of the artwork. However, these works are bound to face a question "how a curator to provide a point of view to audiences of exhibition?" If there doesn't exist a harmonic discourse of a curating. We combine totally different mediums and pedigree of works into an exhibition, it might be a disorderly hybrid, lacking a clear background to be understandable. The exhibition would be composed of works themselves connected to to another reality, like a wilderness which we're never visited —— the exhibit site.

At an ambiguous exhibit site, "Division of Reality" all the works are divided into three topics— "Reading and Differance of Words", "Creation and Seeing of Image", "System Criticizing and Rethinking" —which are based on commonality, difference and counterpoint of the relation between artworks— a context placed in each category that helps viewers to comprehend artworks. By the process of comparison from works to meaning of context, the exchange and complement of ideas of artworks is expected.