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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
PIGS DON’T FLY – 2018 Outstanding Art Prize
2018-03-09 ~ 2018-04-29

Date: 2018/03/09 (Fri.) - 2018/04/29 (Sun.)

Opening: 2018/03/09 (Fri.), 17:00 pm

Venue: Gallery 2F - 402, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA


Curator: Lin Yu Hsuan

Artists: Wang Guan Jhen, WU Chen Yu, Hou Ssu Chi, Kou Tak Leong, Kuo Pei Chi, Liang Ting Yu, Chang Wen Woan, Chang Jui Che, Hsu Hsin Tzu, Tang Ya Wen, Kuan Ching Ya, Chang Yue Lam, Ning Sen, Hsieh Chu Hsun

Project manager: Chiang Yi Shiuan

Graphic Design: Chen Yi Zhi

“Pig Don’t Fly” takes its name from the English idiom, as pigs are naturally not airborne. Upon receipt of the Outstanding Art Prize, artists are granted the chance to exhibit their work at the Guandu Museum of Fine Arts. While this appears to be the traditional method of awarding artistic excellence, many similarities to normal exhibitions are missing. For example, the artists and exhibited works are selected by the various colleges within TNUA, and curators have no place within this award structure. By inspecting the irregularities within this selection and award process, this exhibition seeks to inspect the absurdity through various aspects, and which artists, curators, and the Guandu Museum of Fine Arts face.

The theme of this exhibition is a continuation of our previous exhibit “When Pigs Fly”. [1] “When Pigs Fly” sought to explore how multiple individuals are able to collaborate in different artistic and creative settings. An extra “project manager” has been added to this new exhibit to assist with additional administrative and research tasks that modern exhibitions and curation require. The additional staff will also contribute to our goal of exploring occupational duties within an artistic setting.

Even though many artists receive their first shot of fame through the aforementioned “Outstanding Art Prize,” there seem to be mixed reactions within the arts community when it comes to “external” tasks such as these. A young artist once proclaimed: “Ticking off boxes was never what I expected from pursuing a career in art. Even if I’ve won awards and had my work exhibited, does this make me a good artist? Nothing seems to provide a surefire path to succeeding in art, and we’re stuck in the limbo of doing and not doing.”



[1] When Pigs Fly is an arts group composed of Wang Yu-Song, LinYu Hsuan, LinYing-Chieh, HsuTing-Chen, HoYen-Yen, Yang IHsuan, Tang Ya-Wen, Tsai Tsunghsun, Lo Wan Yun, Wei Po-Jen. The members of the group have been acquainted with each other for several years, dating back to the Sunflower Movement of 2014. They’ve since worked and assisted each other with various exhibitions and projects, and they have bonded over these shared experiences. This will be their first attempt collaborating on a large-scale project in an official capacity, which has the ultimate goal of letting the curator physically defy gravity and fly into the air. The underlying theme of this exhibit is camaraderie, which the artists and curator hope to further explore, in both an artistic and daily setting.