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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Masterpiece Room - Tang Jo-Hung Solo Exhibition Hat•Boots•Striped Pants – Three Pieces for Travel
2018-05-11 ~ 2018-07-08

《Artist Statment》

The most interesting part about traveling is that climax comes at the beginning of the experience. 


You will discover that no matter what inspired the trip, traveling is good for you.

You could put on gorgeous outfits and shoes then joyfully set off on your journey.

You could also be drenched in the rain as you hop into a cab to race to the airport.

It is perfectly fine to depart at dusk or under the starry night,

or to leave at dawn enveloped by a thin veil of fog is even better. 

You can leave anything behind once you are on the road.


one ring, two rings, one fire work


An object must look good and be appealing, but it must also showcase an unexpected breakthrough in form. It is not about forcing oneself to head towards a predictable extreme.


Painting is truly a peculiar thing to do. You may engage in the act everyday but still don’t know what you are doing. You are certainly not just painting nonchalantly, but sometimes, it feels like you are pretending to know what you are doing, and then you just do it. You then look back at the mess in front of you, and the entire canvas collapses. Doesn’t matter what brushwork you put down will not revive it, and that total collapse is the worse part; a breakdown you don’t dare to look straight at.   


Until one day, a path that could open up everything is spotted by you. You then complete the painting in just a day or two. It’s as if the originally invisible backstage will not reveal itself without a destructive process. It is not to say that the artwork is guaranteed to be exceptional and full of divine aura if it has been put through such process. However, when that backstage serendipitously unveils itself, a bit of light is sometimes emitted from the vault of memory, reminding you of its existence.  

You then put your experience and your understanding for painting on the canvas for others to see.


Each day as I head downstairs, I feel nervous that my neighbors may see me. Although I don’t have to explain what I do to them, I still sense that they are secretly checking me out. This gives a secretive vibe to the work that I do.  

I scream with excitement when a painting is going well,

with a high pitch sound that shoots right up through my head.