Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Project Space-Taoist Trinity Fairyland Kao Junhonn Solo Exhibition
2018-07-20 ~ 2018-09-23
“Taoist  Trinity  Fairyland”  is  part  of  the  “Topa  (Great  Leopard)  Project.”  It  was inspired  by  an  accusation  in  a mountainous  area where  land was  taken  illegally  to build a temple, and Kao transformed this circumstance into a critical video work.  
In 2017, a former New Taipei City Councilor from the Democratic Progressive Party acquired land in the Topa (Great Leopard) Community, then built a temple dedicated to Sorcerer Liu Haichan. The main purpose of this temple (the Toad Temple) was to seek  wealth  and  accumulate  treasure. After  the  temple  was  dismantled  due  to  the accusation  report,  the  vast  wasteland  that  remained  became  a  metaphor  for contemporary Taiwan, and the story of Liu Haichan and the Golden Toad has become a  projection  of  divinity,  capital,  and  land  development.  In  addition  to  some  of  the relatively  static  elements  of  display  in  the  Project  Space  in  the Kuandu Museum, “Taoist Trinity Fairyland" also uses the models of a television station and field survey to open up dimensions of the artistic actions.