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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Red Ruins,Absurd Realities:Works by Li Yongzheng(2012-2018)
2018-07-27 ~ 2018-09-23

Li Yongzheng is an artist with awareness of dilemma and hardship. The relevance of these words that best sum up his solo exhibition, “red ruins, absurd realities” lie in the fact that “Red” is a color associated with seduction, passion and insanity. It has long been alienated through its use as a symbol of communist ideals in certain historical pasts of China. “Ruin” is the destined metaphor of a red “fallow wasteland”. “Absurd” refers to “mistake, error” or even “sin” committed through a misguidance by red.

 Thus, through the representation of historical memory, intervention in social issues, historical events and creativity, Li Yongzheng’s nine pieces of multi-media work in this exhibition attempt to demonstrate that his art is influenced by the meeting of a historical circumstance and actual situation. It is a series that brands an era, it reminds one of his reflections and judgment and points to the direction his awareness of the issues and hardship represent, as well as the intellectual quality of this process of artistic transformation.

The changeability in the development of history and reality may be endless and far beyond the reach of our imagination. Therefore, “to illuminate” constantly - as Li Yongzheng's artistic creations do - is to wring truth from history and express his own humanistic sentiment. It is an indispensable social responsibility artists should possess.