Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2019 Outstanding New Media Art Award-Just An Award
2019-01-18 ~ 2019-04-07

Curator/Huai-Chih Liann

Artists/Zi-ping Tien、Tso-Yu Chiang、Hsuan-Hsiang Hsu、Tzu-Yung Kuo、I-An Pan


What else can we ask about judging?

2019 is the eighth year in which the “Outstanding New Media Art Award” has been running since 2012. This award is organized by the New Media Art department from Taipei National University of the Arts in order to support and promote young artists who are keen to develop their interests in new media art. The award further encourages students from our department to involve themselves in new types of integration of art and technology. By doing so, this award aims to help young artists broaden their perspectives, build awareness of global trends in digital art. Last but not least, this award is an opportunity for young artists to showcase their art works. The five nominated artists of the 2019 Outstanding New Media Art Award are Zi-Ping Tien, Tso-Yo Chiang, Hsun-Hsiang Hsu, Tzu-Yung Kuo, and I-An Pan.
The past 7 years of the Outstanding New Media Art Award saw the participation of a total of 27 students and 16 judges. We would like to re-examine its system as an award. Moreover, how does it constructs and influences the new media art?  How new media art is been protracted? In this year ‘s Outstanding New Media Art Award, we are planning to go back to its roots , and looking into the system. Though our questioning, we can rethink what the New Media Art really is?