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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Lin YiHsuan: We Are Turtles
2019-07-12 ~ 2019-09-22

Lin YiHsuan's newest solo exhibition, "We Are Turtles" brings together works by the artist from 2014 to 2019 created in a variety of locations. Lin YiHsuan uses "we" to represent his paintings, and "turtle" as a metaphor for time. In this way, through past and present time, we are invited to contemplate Lin YiHsuan's painting practice.

Lin YiHsuan is from Yilan, Taiwan but has lived and worked for extended periods of time in Brazil, and other South American contexts, as well as New York. Through the collisions of life in these various cultures, Lin YiHsuan creates his wonderful interpretations of painting: they are rich, multifaceted, abstract, delicate and rough. Even as Lin YiHsuan's practice has changed over time, he consistently maintains his focus on one plane: painting. When he first arrived in Latin America, Lin YiHsuan abstracted and symbolized the characters, scenery, and architecture he encountered in his life. His painting techniques are not singular, but multiplicities—like the multiculturalism of Latin America and Taiwan—at times melding graffiti, collage, in wild forms. Inspired by the philosophy of the American writer Jack Kerouac of the "Beat Generation", Lin YiHsuan boldly removes the artifice of painting and reinterprets painting with through wandering, beatific nothingness, and a “stumbling” attitude. Nonetheless, hidden under these brightly colored formations, personal issues of identity are revealed by the artists. In 2017, family matters forced Lin YiHsuan to return to Taiwan for an extended period. The work created in his hometown presents a sense of stability that differs from his previous paintings: he created parallel lines he calls the Yilan horizon and painted on the stones from Taiwan. This is not only the stability of regaining a sense of belonging, but also the product of a slower paced life which the artist experienced during his return. However, Lin YiHsuan's enthusiasm for abstract painting re-emerged in Europe in 2018. In 2019, he set off for the ISCP International Art Studio in New York, USA, and created magnetic works with clay to symbolize his paintings.

We are turtles, painting is time, this is the most natural way that Lin YiHsuan pursues in artistic creation.