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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
How Much Do You Wanna Risk?-2020 Outstanding Art Prize of School of Fine Arts
2020-01-17 ~ 2020-04-19
Curator:Yu Chien-Hsun

Artists: Li Bing-Au, Hong Xun, Chuang Dao-Ming, Chen Yu-Ching, Yellow Dot Dot, Yap Chee-Keng, Cheng Yu-Hsiang (Shawn), Chien Li-Yun

To many artists, we believe in the existence of something called “fate” or “destiny.” This destiny is often evident in two directions: first, the repetitive status between artists and their works, which often relate to an individual’s time or memory; second, the destiny itself can refer to how people cannot escape from the society’s framework, provoking a sense of helplessness and sadness.

But this is not just a theme in imagination. It exists among the experience and structure of many artists, being revealed in different streams of consciousness. Artists wind up asking questions like “Why do I have to keep using this element?”, “Why do I have an unexplainable passion about a certain topic?”, “How should I react to this world?” among others. In the face of destiny, artists can only carry on their creative paths while trying to distinguish the difference faces of destiny.

This exhibitionHow Much Do You Wanna Risk? is the conclusion of the qualities found in the award winners of the 2020 Outstanding Art Prizes. It is also a salute and blessing to the winners. In the exhibition, we can see these artists developing their own creative vocabulary and respectively diving into social issues of their concerns. This has become the revelation of their own destiny.

There are eight young artists who have received the 2020 Outstanding Art Prizes, including undergraduate fine arts students Li Bing-Au, Hong Xun, Chien Li-Yun; graduate fine arts students Chuang Dao-Ming, Yellow Dot Dot, Yap Chee-Keng, Cheng Yu-Hsiang (Shawn); and Chen Yu-Ching from the Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts.