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Memories and Beyond / 2010 Kuandu Biennale
Resume (attachment)
 Resume   (attachment)


Artist statement (150 words minimum)


The memories seem to be vague, they are like looking through the curtain...yet they are still clear in my mind.   My father has gone for long time, but his implantation still is. He loved nature, growing, raising animals, especially Crap. We used to have a lot of pets, birds, squirrels, dogs, tortures, rabbits, fishes, cats, chickens, etc. and grew several of trees and flowers.


         what growing in my mind  created from my image in the past about my father. Love, connection, change and loss, are all in my memory.


         vivid garden  I picked a cloudy memory but when I thought about it, the impressed feeling returned. The Rose Mose Garden (Eleven’s o clock flowers) was what we have grown together. Wonderful and vivid color of the garden came out from the blurred memory, my house was surrounded with different flowers, where some member is still alive, and some is gone.


Details of exhibited works

01      ต้นไม้, ปลาครับ, กะลอก, เต่าน้อยน้อย, ลูกท้อแท้ๆ, หนอนยึกยือ, ความตาย, วิญญาณ, ตัวฉัน ฯลฯ

         what growing in my mind


         350 x 300 cm.

         acrylic on canvas


02      ความทรงจำสีแจ๊ดถึงคุณนายตื่นสาย

         vivid garden


         167 x 241 cm.

         acrylic on canvas


5 images of recent works


Title: The End of Videocassettes

Technique:  acrylic, oil, aluminium sheet, videocassettes, VCD, furs, stools and glass mosaic

Size:  dimension: variable (painting: 54 x 207 cm / glass mosaic skull: 34 x 28 cm)

Year: 2009



Title: The Killer From Electricity Authority

Technique: acrylic, carved window, painted toy skull and plastic blind

Size:  112 x 80 cm

Year: 2009



Title: Chlorophyllous Blood

Artist: Yuree Kensaku

Technique: acrylic, oil and collage on canvas

Size: 150 x 180 cm

Year: 2008



Mural by Yuree Kensaku

“FOR” Wall Painting Showcase by groups of Thai graphic designers and artists at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand 2010



Title: Please Peace Me

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas and Drawing on Paper

Size: (Painting) 130 x 174 cm (drawing) 21 x 30 cm

Year: 2010