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The Net of Being
 Kim Bog-gi


Abstracted from Kim Bog-gi’s essay

JiHyun Boo hung about 300 fishing lights on the round ceiling of Guandu Art Museum in the shape of a massive cone. She filled the fishing lights with seawater from Taiwan or Samdasoo(the most popular bottled spring water in Korea) of Jeju-do and installed LED light for blue flashing light. Beneath the tip of this cone that seems to fall down onto the floors from the sky is a small box filled with salt.  The fishing lights light up and the salt box, symbolizing seawater, devours the shadows of fishing lights.  As the audiences look into the shadow over the salt, they can hear the sound of ocean and people (gathered from the seas of Taipei and Jeju-do).  Look up the pile of fishing lights again!  Isn't this scene the feast of light with the stars in the night sky?  Now, look down onto the fishing lights reflected on the salt!  Doesn't this remind you of one moon reflected on a thousand rivers.

However, you come back to the thinking that the source of this view is the fishing lights (recycled material).  Looking at the pile of fishing lights hung on the ceiling, you can think of a massive chandelier.  As Boo has shown in her previous work, the fishing lights, when lighted in a dark room, creates a fantastic ambiance similar to phantasmagoria of modern civilization. The essence of Boo's work is converting this rough energy of civilization with the calm breath of nature. 


With the fishing lights used as dreaming objects, Boo's Being-Net bring the sky, land, and people(audiences) in one space. Each of the fishing lights is perceived as an independent universe or nomad.  It is very similar to the shape of an ‘egg.’ An egg is often used as a metaphor for the birth of new life, transition from darkness to light, and enlightening. In this respect, the fishing light is another name for the egg, the symbol of life. Boo contains the bright light of life and the clear water of life in the fishing lights. Aren't light and water the sources of human being?  Boo uses light and water to densely weave the circulation of 'birth-death-resurrection' that involves the nature, the civilizations, me and others. This is the net of being.