Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2019 Outstanding New Media Art Award-Just An Award
2019-01-18 ~ 2019-04-07
Curator/Huai-Chih Liann Artists/Zi-ping Tien、Tso-Yu Chiang、Hsuan-Hsiang Hsu、Tzu-Yung Kuo、I-An Pan What else can we ask about judging? 2019 is the eighth year in which the “Outstanding New Media Art Award” has been running since 2012. This award is organize..
2019 Outstanding Art Prize of School of Fine Arts-(In)visible Space
2019-01-18 ~ 2019-04-07
Curator/Phuan, Thai-Meng Artists/Chen, Chao-Tung、Chen, Yi-Wen、Hsu, Yi-Ting、Maria Barban、 Nowhere Island Journal、Wang, Yen-Ran、Yong, Kian-Sam Taipei National University of Arts, The School of Fine Arts’ Outstanding Art Prize serves as an important platform for ..
On the Verge of Fiction
2019-01-18 ~ 2019-04-07
Hayato Fujioka On the Verge of Fiction ​features young and emerging artists from Japan and Taiwan and aims to contribute to the cross-cultural exchange between Japan and Taiwan and current discussions concerning the historical perceptions of the two countries. The exhibi..
Past Exhibitions
Description‧Explanation ─ The Argument about Historical Facts and Conception of History-ZHAO Liu Solo Exhibition
Dust of History - Solo Exhibition of Yunyi Liu
REWIND_ Video Art in Taiwan 1983-1999
Flamboyant˙Mobile˙Interactive Formosa Wall Painting Group
The End of Modernity in Calligraphy:  From Yuichi Inoue, Lee Ufan to Zhang Yu
One Piece Room Yang Jeong-Dih Solo Exhibition
Metamorphosis  Hsiang-Lin Wang Solo Exhibition
Your Skin Makes Me Cry
Wandering in the Creative Play of Forms and Materials
Nowhere to Hide – Li Chao’s Work (2011-2015)
ENTROPY: I am an Other-Solo Exhibition of Catrine Val
One Piece Room Kuo Chuan-Chiu Solo Exhibition
"Maintaining _ Body" Movement Topology & Tracks in the City
Base Piece–E Chen Solo Exhibition
Becoming TNUA: Entering Our History
2015 Outstanding Art Prize Exhibition: This is Not a Poisoned Apple
A Deer of nine colors -Chen-Hung Chiu Solo Exhibition