Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2019-10-18 ~ 2020-01-05
BOOCHOA With technology of the Internet and smart phones becoming closely integrated with daily life, our democratic life today is headed into a direction with contradicting and parallel developments of (diverse) echo chambers and (closed) control systems; socialization, ..
Virtual Bauhaus
2019-10-18 ~ 2020-01-05
Virtual Bauhaus is one of the events that mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. By recreating the Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany, the exhibition transports visitors into this iconic space of modern architecture and design. What was the Bauhaus? Established in 19..
Past Exhibitions
2018 Kuandu Biennale Seven Questions for Asia
Red Ruins,Absurd Realities:Works by Li Yongzheng(2012-2018)
Project Space-Taoist Trinity Fairyland Kao Junhonn Solo Exhibition
The End of the Rainbow Wang Liang-Yin Solo Exhibition
IS/IN LAND: Mongolian-Taiwanese Contemporary Art Exchange Project
Fight Club – Hantoo 20th
Masterpiece Room - Tang Jo-Hung Solo Exhibition Hat•Boots•Striped Pants – Three Pieces for Travel
Future Theatre
PIGS DON’T FLY – 2018 Outstanding Art Prize
Visible or Invisible Forms:  Chen Yujun, Qin Qi, and Xu Xiaoguo
The Print of Nature: A Solo Exhibition by Yang Ming-Dye