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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Red Ruins,Absurd Realities:Works by Li Yongzheng(2012-2018)
2018-07-27 ~ 2018-09-23
Li Yongzheng is an artist with awareness of dilemma and hardship. The relevance of these words that best sum up his solo exhibition, “red ruins, absurd realities” lie in the fact that “Red” is a color associated with seduction, passion and insanity..
The End of the Rainbow Wang Liang-Yin Solo Exhibition
2018-07-27 ~ 2018-09-23
The representative painter of German Neo-Expressionism Anselm Kiefer once said in an interview, “For me, there is no beginning, there is only an end that is simultaneously a beginning.” This paradoxical statement is related to important characteristics that ha..
Project Space-Taoist Trinity Fairyland Kao Junhonn Solo Exhibition
2018-07-27 ~ 2018-09-23
Reinventing places with contemporary art activism: Curatorial statement for “Taoist Trinity Fairyland,” the “Topa Project” of Jun-Honn Kao by / Sandy Hsiu-Chih Lo The “Taoist Trinity Fairyland" art project is related to an actual event o..
IS/IN LAND: Mongolian-Taiwanese Contemporary Art Exchange Project
2018-07-20 ~ 2018-09-23
The high crowns of snow-capped mountains shining from atar, The endless virgin landscape under the clear blue sky, The noble summits seen standing in the distance, And the unbounded fields where one’s soul at last finds peace; This, this is my native land… it..
Past Exhibitions
Between Seen/Unseen—Chang Yung-Ta Solo Exhibition
The Nameless Men-- Solo Exhibition of Hsu Che-Yu
Retrospect.Nature—Solo exhibition of LO Li-feng
Izumo VS Shen Yuan—The Solo Exhibition of LIN Chien-chih
Post-Loyalist of Doomsdayism
Between Coarse and Fine Brushworks-Hsu Yu-Jen Solo Exhibition
Artist in Wonderland  2012 KUANDU BIENNALE
The Standing Art: International Sculpture Exhibition
Manifestation of Homunculi
Sunyata — Chu Wei-Pai Solo Exhibition
Creators of Dialogue
New York Travel Program
Production of Senses:When Knowledge Becomes Attitude
One Piece Room Drifting Towards An End-Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition
2012 Outstanding New Media Art Award
Visual Rhetoric of a Generation: Three Solo Exhibitions by Hsiao-Lin Jen, Ke-Wen Jing, and Hsiao-Tao Chang
ONE PIECE ROOM【Beyond the Tree: Solo Exhibition by Chen Hui-Chiao】
2012 Outstanding Art Prize of School of Fine Arts
Transjourney – 2012 Future Media Festival