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7/21(Thr)1pm 10 Minutes Marathon: Curator and Artists Talk
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7/21(Thr)1pm 10 Minutes Marathon: Curator and Artists Talk

Date:2016/7/21 (Thr)


Speakers: Huang Chien-Hung, Kim Sunjung, Kamiya Yukie, Carol Yinghua Lu and Artists

Venue:Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Address:No. 181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N.Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

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The Discordant Harmony is organized by four curators from the Northeast Asian region –Huang Chien-Hung of Taiwan, Kim Sunjung of Korea, Kamiya Yukie of Japan and Carol Yinghua Lu of China – have set their focus on the state of contemporary society in Asian cities, taking the political, cultural and historical contexts of Northeast Asia as the theme and conveying the artists’ perspectives and interpretation through their respective works.

The exhibition includes works by nineteen artists from all over Northeast Asia, each contributing his or her respective cultural background, observational perspective and social concerns. Using diverse creative media and unique expressive techniques, the artists transform cultural, political or historical issues into works of art or creative contexts.

10 Minutes Marathon will provide 10 minutes to each speaker to share their perspective. The curators might share the initial notion of the exhibition project, and to offer an in-depth analysis of the intricate development between history and society from an artistic point of view. The artists could share the development and presentation of their creative processes so as to convey their creative concepts and the conceptual extensions of their work.