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11/16(Sat)2pm BOOCHOA-Subproject of 《Liqueered》- Analog A/V workshop
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11/16(Sat)2pm BOOCHOA-Subproject of 《Liqueered》- Analog A/V workshop
In this workshop, we will practice the analog audio/ visual making. Through cassette tape and 16mm film. The goal is to make a film with all the participants together.

Will use cassette recorder and tape to make short loops, and practice improv.

Will use 16mm projector and film, mess with the material prepared (archival footage, black, and transparent)

In the latter part of the workshop, we will mix up the two groups and let's try to make one film together.
* Cassete recorders, 16mm projector, tape, and the 16mm film will be prepared. But if you have your own things or materials you want to use, please bring it and let us know!


Tzu-An Wu
makes experimental films. He likes to manipulate heterogeneous images, sounds, and texts, to question the construction of the narrative and the selfhood. In recent years he works mainly with Super 8 and 16mm film techniques, while he is also interested in the intersection of both analog and digital techniques of visual reproduction.

Fang-Yi Liu
lives in Kaohsiung. He is concentrated in freestyle musical/ tonal improvisation. Also, he re-mixes and edits sound recorded in the fields as demonstration works.

Material fee: 350 NTD

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