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Workshop: 11/12-13 Look for the Unseen: Open Your Sensation
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Workshop: 11/12-13 Look for the Unseen: Open Your Sensation
Look for the Unseen: Open Your Sensation
Date:2019.11.12~13, 13:30~16:30
Venue: Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA
Lecturer: Tadasu Takamine

90% of the creature on the earth remains undiscovered and many of them live in the deep ocean without light. In this workshop, Lee Chang Xun, a blind pianist will guide you to find the potential, without using your visual information.



Tadasu Takamine was born in Kagoshima, Japan. He is a professor at the Akita University of Art since 2013. He was a guest professor at the New Media Department, Taipei National University of the Arts. Takamine lays bare buried issues in society through the prism of his own personal experiences and physical sensitivities, employing various media including video, installation and stage performance. Created at the site of a former manganese mine which still bears traces of Japan's history of Korean forced labor, A Lover from Korea is a work inspired by his relationship with his partner. Another work, The Unwelcomed, takes as its theme an immigrant ship washed ashore on a nearby coast. Both works are laced with a sense of pain and frustration coming from the artist himself—emotions which can't be dismissed as mere empathy for others. Placing his audience in uncomfortable situations, Takamine pointedly calls into question their sense of belonging, while conveying, through untrained, awkward bodies, an underlying warm, naive humanity that longs for others.


The workshop will be conducted in English, Chinese translation will be provided