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12/7(Sat)-12/8(Sun)1pm-5pmLiqueered ×《My body is a queer history museum 》performacnce
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12/7(Sat)-12/8(Sun)1pm-5pmLiqueered ×《My body is a queer history museum 》performacnce

《My body is a queer history museum》

The notion of performing archives as interpreting historical accumulations in museum setting shapes this work, in which an individual body as a historical embodiment can be transformed into a spatial narration, an archive, and even a history museum.

Through dragging, dancing, story-telling, singing, workshop and conversation, My body is a queer history museum performs fluidity and identities of gender politics presented by a group of performers individually and collectively. Audience members are invited to visit and participate in a series of temporary assemblies, together entering a museum's body as well as fragmentary memories fragments of one’s body and then charting what has argubly shaped the current queer scene right here and now. 
Concept and direction: River Lin 
Performers: Chang Ko-Yang, Hsu Sheng-Han , Chien Shih-Han, Huang Gia-Yeh, Sherwin Chimera, Lee Song-En.

*Notice: This show may contain nudity,18+ audience only. 
About the artist:

River Lin is an artist whose work is performance-based in gallery settings. In his work, the artist’s body is often staged and situated in relation to time, objects, surroundings, audience engagement, or specific cultural contexts. The main concern has revolved around exploring how the artist’s body can produce discourse and social meaning, and how performance as a medium can transform viewers’ sensations and experiences with art.

River’s work has been presented by international institutions, including the Palais de Tokyo and Centre National de la Danse in Paris, the KANAL Centre Pompidou and KAAI Theatre in Brussels, Manifesta 11 in Zurich, Asia Contemporary Art Week, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival in Kuopio, the M+ Museum in Hong Kong, 2016 Taipei Biennial and the Liveworks Festival in Sydney among others.