Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

  • 加入最愛
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Education and Promotion

To integrate social resources, facilitate museum management and cultivate citizens’ artistic taste, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) encourages students, the public, faculty and staff, as well as retirees to work as volunteers for the museum.

Guidelines for Museum Volunteers
  • Volunteers have to be over 18 and interested in or willing to learn how to promote art education.
  • Volunteers must be able to participate in basic and advanced training courses on volunteer service.
  • Volunteers should abide by the duty time and be willing to work in long-term coordination with the museum to maintain its services.
Guidelines for Museum Volunteers
  • The basic training is conducted according to the Volunteer Service Act.
  • The training also includes the advanced courses designed by the museum.

Guidelines for Museum Volunteers
  • Inspect the exhibition venue and maintain the integrity of exhibited artworks.
  • Provide the visitors with information relevant to the museum exhibitions and facilities.
  • Assist the museum with educational and promotional activities and offer guided tours.
  • Assist the museum with the installation and dismantling of exhibitions.
  • Assist the museum with volunteer administrative affairs.

Guidelines for Museum Volunteers
  • By the volunteer identity card, volunteers are granted the same discounted admission as that enjoyed by TNUA faculty and staff in the restaurants, bookstores, swimming pools and other facilities run by TNUA.
  • By the volunteer identify card, volunteers are granted the access to the resources of TUNA libraries.
  • By the volunteer identify card, volunteers are allowed to apply for free parking on TNUA campus.
  • Volunteers are allowed to participate in the activities, lectures, and guided tours relevant to the exhibitions held by the museum for free.
  • Volunteers are granted discounted admission of the tickets for the non-regular performances and exhibitions held at TUNA.

Volunteer Zone
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